About Us

"A very simple way to have a great business is to treat people the way you want to be treated. The soul of our business is to be honest with people. If you want to be certain that you're not deceiving someone, you have to let the customer make the decision. To do that is a little bit harder, and it requires a little bit of pain in the process. But if you aren't honest, it catches up with you. If you're fair with people 100% of the time, you're never going to lose."

Landscaping With Passion

At Landscape Concepts, our mission is to provide high quality landscape design and installation services at a fair price and in a timely manner. It's out commitment to you, our valued customers, and it's your assurance that when you go with us, you're working with the best!

We can take you from design to installation without the hassles you'll get from many other contractors. If you need permits, we can take care of that. We have an excellent working relationship with various municipalities and the DNR. Many times we can get a project to go through quicker than the homeowner just because we've put together the correct information as needed. We'll work with all the local building contractors to help you get the project going even as your home construction is being finished.

We stay on task once we start a project, and we'll stay in close contact with you for changes and updates. We also stick to our proposal pricing, unless of course you as a customer have made significant changes or additions to the scope of work. Get to know us - you'll be glad you did!